Our Story


Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Keith and Robert Kruse and we are The Pork Barrel.  We are brothers who have an unnatural love of pigs.  Sorry, that may sound a bit off, but pit masters around the country will understand.  We actually have a strong love for cooking and eating all foods, except veggies.  This has led us down a path that appears to have no return.  It started harmlessly.  You know – preparing a nice dinner on Sunday afternoon.  Then, the next thing you know we’re searching stores for kitchen gadgets, we’ve cancelled the newspaper subscription and started reading cookbooks.  The next step on the road to food dependency took us to cable TV and the Food Network.  Cooking shows 24-7!

P06142013100233_3276_45Soon we spoke of nothing but roasts and ribs and breads and rubs and sauces and an occasional dessert.  The standard gas grill in the back yard was not enough and grills started collecting around our houses – water smokers, electric smokers, charcoal, gas, Weber, Charbroil, and Sunbeam and still, it was not enough.  We started hanging around with (GASP!) welders, Fred and Lynn Whitehurst.  That’s right, we went to the work shop to make just the right pit, and it was good.  But, it would only cook enough for 30-40 hungry people at a time.  Back to the shop we went, this time for a bigger, better pit.  All this and still we had not reached the height of our addiction.  Our families talked of an intervention, or even the patch.  But, when they tasted the goods, they too were hooked.  So, back to the kitchen and out came all the bottles and jars with their powders and elixirs.  Mix and taste and taste and mix and remix and mix again and……….

Well, we are now climbing back out of our holes and this sauce is the result of the lunacy.  We are better now, but that monkey is still just around the corner trying to climb back again.  Who knows where he will take us, maybe to other sauces and rubs, maybe to who knows……

    But until then, “Here Piggy, Piggy!